The “Twende Afrika Rebelljo” group has been created by Joseph Rebello for support and his desire to collaborate among North American artists and African artists. His personal goal of spreading awareness of addictions in Africa began in Tanzania for now, as this is where he was born, raised and began his music career.


Tanga Sober House Recovering School

Dear All
We are sincerely and grateful for Joseph Rebello and Linda Haffey who has successfully became our Icon on supporting us. You, your friends and family has been good to us. We all know you have a lot to do with money but you took your time to think and support us.

You paid 6 months rent for us 1.2 Million Tanzanian money (=750 US $) here at Tanga Sober House Recovering School which helped the house to take on 30 recovering addicts who were at risk and vulnerable to death due to active addiction. We know how much you care about us, THANK YOU!

More cash donation helped us to buy a well; new branded white board for learning; chairs for our classrooms; markers, pen and text books; some money was allocated to buy mosquito net; and we are happy that we are now safe against Malaria.

All this resulted to the good health and physically fitness for few addicts to participate fully on recovering program.

Your role is positively meaningful to us.

Tanga Sober House Recovering School is currently expanding it’s service to support more addicts since the great job of raising fund by Joe and Linda has become and essential tool for African addicts who are now recovering and becoming good members of the community.

We hope to have more facilities, including learning facilities and materials, we don’t have bed essentials for addicts to sleep, we also facing challenges of accessing good, clean water, moreover challenges on increase in demand of the suffering addicts who are coming asking for help has increased, as there are more than 45 addicts who not able to get support form the house due to the lack of facilities.

So please for anyone with a positive feeling to support don’t hesitate to contact Joseph Rebello.

Your money will go direct to food, accommodation facilities, training materials, medical and water, moreover with help the house to improve quality of service.

Note: here are some photos of recovering addicts who luck gain and improve their mental health problems, and now are aware about abstaining using drugs.

WITH YOUR HELP, we will rescue many who are in danger to make crime, excluded, and vulnerability


Tanga Sober House Recovery School