Hi Joseph, I am writing to tell you how much Marisa and I love going to events or venues where your band performs. You and the rest of the band are great instrumentalists and top notch entertainers! Your harmonies are spot on and just about everybody in your band can sing lead, which allows for diversity - and brings me to my next point. We are constantly amazed by your large repertoire – it seems to me that you guys can play anything. I’ve heard you play Rock n Roll, R&B, Classic Rock, Pop, Blues, Reggae, African, Dance, Latin, Disco, Top 40, and even crooners like Sinatra. Marisa and I love to dance and are always on the floor bopping to your great rhythms and variety of genres. I’d also like to add that not only does Rebelljo Band have its own beautiful unique sound but you can also mimic some of the greats - Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong and Barry White immediately come to mind. Furthermore, I’ve been to a number of your events, from local taverns (Fionn MacCool’s) to large dinner/dances (Tanzanite Ball, Team Ontario Baseball Dance); and you never disappoint with the elite quality of musicians you have by your side, whether you are part of a duo or a larger group of six or seven. So, thank you Joseph and Rebelljo Band for the great music and many enjoyable evenings of entertainment and dance. Even though we live out in Aurora and usually have a bit of a trek to get to your events, we will continue to do so enthusiastically. You guys are the best!! Taso Karounos
Taso Karounos
Joe the band and sound was excellent

Rebelljo you'll really kept the dance in full swing everybody enjoyed and thanks once again way to go Rebelljo!!

Rebelloj band was excellent at the valentine's gala night the music kept the crowd dancing all night way to go Joe and his band!!!

Indrani Singham - WootlerMethodist College Valentine Dance - February 16 2015

Good evening Joseph,

We have heard many accolades about your recent performance last Thursday at Uncorked and Mike would love to have you back in the same trio configuration on their busiest night, which is a Friday.

We currently have the following 2 dates available: Dec 18th and Jan 8th. Please let me know ASAP if either of those dates work for you?

Thanks so much,


Melanie Franke Another Date at Uncorked - October 27, 2015

Hi Joe.

You guys were so so AWESOME last night! My hubby and I haven't heard a band so good in a long time. Each of you are so talented and creative as musicians and singers. We were just totally wowed! A memorable birthday for my husband Danny for sure!

We have both been in music many many years - he as a ethnic folk musician, me as a singer, so we know and recognize talented people in music, and you guys are certainly at the top for sure! My rendition of Crazy was weak to say the least....I haven't been singing for a while, but I am hoping to get back on track very soon. I am passionate about good music and entertaining the crowd.


Over the past 15 years, Team Ontario Baseball holds an annual Silent Auction Dinner Dance Gala to raise funds for our not-for-profit baseball organization. For 10 of the 15 years, Joe Rebello and his awesome band have been an integral part of this gala. Every year the families on my teams eagerly ask if Joe’s band has been reserved for our event!! Joe is very generous and always eager to please all our guests with song requests from every genre. His musicians are extremely talented and together they entertain us to fever pitch!!! They have a wonderful way of interacting with the dancers on the floor and their electrifying music draw even non-dancers on the dance floor.

Joe Rebello played for my 25th wedding anniversary extravaganza for 230 guests. It was a very memorable day and Joe’s band was a huge reason for our party being a great success. His band has a knack of knowing the best music to play for the crowd which is accompanied by an awesome sound system and great lighting effects. The dance floor was packed with happy guests dancing the night away!

I highly recommend Joe for any event, large or small. They love what they do and it shows because whenever the Rebelljo band is in the house, the place is rockin’.
Loretta MurrayTeam Ontario Baseball - Thursday, October 29, 2015
Feeding Our FutureKnights Table
Dear All,
We are sincerely and grateful for Joseph Rebello and Linda Haffey who has successfully became our Icon on supporting us. You, your friends and family has been good to us. We all know you have a lot to do with money but you took your time to think and support us.

You paid 6 months rent for us 1.2 Million Tanzanian money (=750 US $) here at Tanga Sober House Recovering School which helped the house to take on 30 recovering addicts who were at risk and vulnerable to death due to active addiction. We know how much you care about us, THANK YOU!

More cash donation helped us to buy a well; new branded white board for learning; chairs for our classrooms; markers, pen and text books; some money was allocated to buy mosquito net; and we are happy that we are now safe against Malaria.

All this resulted to the good health and physically fitness for few addicts to participate fully on recovering program.
Your role is positively meaningful to us.
Tanga Sober House Recovering School is currently expanding it’s service to support more addicts since the great job of raising fund by Joe and Linda has become and essential tool for African addicts who are now recovering and becoming good members of the community.

We hope to have more facilities, including learning facilities and materials, we don’t have bed essentials for addicts to sleep, we also facing challenges of accessing good, clean water, moreover challenges on increase in demand of the suffering addicts who are coming asking for help has increased, as there are more than 45 addicts who not able to get support form the house due to the lack of facilities.

So please for anyone with a positive feeling to support don’t hesitate to contact Joseph Rebello.

Your money will go direct to food, accommodation facilities, training materials, medical and water, moreover with help the house to improve quality of service.

Note: here are some photos of recovering addicts who luck gain and improve their mental health problems, and now are aware about abstaining using drugs.

WITH YOUR HELP, we will rescue many who are in danger to make crime, excluded, and vulnerability

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